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Aviation Challenge Counselor
Title:Aviation Challenge Counselor
Job Type:Temporary
Hourly Wage:N/A
A.      Mission and Scope
The purpose of this position is to supervise and educate trainees in the history of the space & aviation program; assist in their experiencing the sensations of space travel; and motivate, stimulate, teach and supervise trainees in a variety of aerospace related topics, to include but not limited to), Aviation Challenge (AC), and Museum or Aviation Challenge simulators.
All programs are set in a non-traditional academic camp environment and/or in the Center's space museum.
Aviation Challenge Mach I (ages 9 - 11), Aviation Challenge Mach II (ages 12 - 14) Aviation Challenge Mach III (ages 15 - 18); Special Programs (AstroTrek, Pathfinder, Parent/Child, Pilot/Co-Pilot, SPACE ACADEMY for Educators, Corporate CAMP/ACADEMY, etc.).
This position reports to the appropriate Aerospace Program Manager.
B.      Qualifications
Education: High School or G.E.D plus 1 year (30 credit hours) formal education beyond high school level. 
Experience: Experience working with children (e.g., coaching, tutoring, teaching,) desired or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Formal aviation training (ground school, private pilot, CFI, etc.) preferred but not required. Military/ROTC training preferred but not required. Working knowledge of wilderness survival skills are preferred but not required. 
Availiability: This position requires complete open availability (M-Sun from 6:15am - 11:00pm)
Other Special Requirements:
Desire a valid driver's license and good driving record.
Must pass drug and alcohol test, pre-employment attitude assessment, complete Affidavit of Good Moral Character, clear the State Central Registry on Child Abuse/Neglect upon employment, and other tests and background checks required by management.
Must be at least 20 years old or older
C.      Physical Requirements of the Position
1. This position has the following special requirements:
•Walking and climbing (stairs, hills, and wooded terrain) to access other departments and experience all areas of the training environment.
•Standing for long periods of time (4-6 hrs) or for duration of shift instructing and operating simulators.
•Carrying and lifting equipment, supplies, and objects up to 50 lbs. waist high.
•Bending, kneeling and reaching to store & retrieve supplies, operate simulators and develop schedules & activities.
•Seeing to present lectures and briefings and conduct instructional tours through the museum and other areas of the facility and campus.
•Talking and hearing to communicate with supervisors, guests, trainees and employees in person and over the telephone.
•Ability to work in an outdoor environment in hot summer temperatures (should not exceed 105° F heat index).
•Able to swim/teach in a water environment free from fear and/or anxiety.
2. Must be available to work any shift as required (day, night, weekend) and the Center's requirement is based on business needs.
3. Must be able to complete two to three week training period and pass all required tests (practical as well as written) as specified by Center management and as outlined in the Counselors Information Manual.
4. RA (Resident Assistant) positions available, which include room and board in exchange for performing RA duties, as approved by Aerospace management.
D.      General Requirements
  1. Willingness to be open to learning and growing
  2. Interpersonal skills to work as an integral part of a team
  3. Appropriate interpersonal/personal boundaries
  4. Maturity of judgment and behavior
  5. Accepts full responsibility of their actions and how these may affect others
E.       Professional Standards
  1. Understands and follows all policies & procedures
  2. Maintains high standards for work areas and appearance, presents self in a highly professional manner to others and understands that honesty & ethics are essential
  3. Ensures that excellent customer service is maintained with each customer
  4. Maintains a positive attitude toward the position, the company and co-workers 
  5. Appreciates that promptness and attendance at work is apart of sustaining a professional relationship with the company
F.       Teamwork Standards
1.      Takes an interest and initiative in the development of the Department’s team
2.      Maintains pleasant and professional relationship with co-workers & assists as needed
3.      Remains positive about the team and facilitates an optimistic approach to resolution of issues
4.      Maintains productive, effective and professional relationships with all departments
G.       Position Duties
Educating and Instructing Trainees/Participants
a.      Conduct military or high performance jet simulations training and ensure that trainees are adequately instructed in mission simulation positions and understand their roles in the overall mission.
b.      Provide knowledgeable explanations about a variety of space and aviation related subjects and perform lectures/briefings as assigned.
c.      Ensure that trainees are adequately instructed in all program contents and activities to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.
d.      Meet or exceed the expectations of the appropriate Aerospace Program Manager for the accurate and timely completion of related tasks and assignments.
2.      Supervising and Providing Care for Trainees/Participants
a.      Escort and accompany trainees at all times to scheduled activities, maintaining orderly behavior and a professional learning environment.
b.      Attend to any personal difficulties encountered by trainees, such as illness, contact with parents, loss of personal items, etc.
c.      Ensure transportation arrangements are confirmed through transportation department and relayed to trainee. 
d.      Serve as positive professional role model for trainees. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH TRAINEES allowed unless it is a life-threatening situation.
e.      Supervise and perform swimming/water activities.
f.       DAY COUNSELORS: Wake up duty, breakfast duty, lunch duty, serve as team leader, mission training Counselors, lecturer, hospital support, airport support and support other activities during normal hours.
NIGHT COUNSELORS: Serve as team leader, mission training Counselors, dinner duty, lecturer, hospital support, lights out duty and assist with other activities during the shift.
g.      Meet or exceed the expectations of the appropriate Aerospace Manager for the timely and accurate completion of related tasks and assignments.
h.      May serve as a Lead in areas with unique requirements and specific job knowledge requirements, such as: Aviation Challenge, Area 51/Ropes Course, Robotics, Registration, Airport Early, or Arrival/Late Departure.
Camp Counselors 3 Need-To-Know Information
·         $9.00 base pay;
·         Training in Aviation Challenge Counselors, and Weekend Program Counselors, and AC simulations, and Museum Simulators;
·         2 weeks of training up to 6 days per week; paid on a stipend;
·         $0.25 increase to base pay for each summer season worked at Aviation Challenge.
·         Seasonal increases and prior seasonal increases do not carry over (except for summer only Counselors)
·         $0.25 training incentives for serving as Lead for:
- Aviation Challenge
- Area 51/Ropes Course
- Robotics
- Registration
- Airport
- Early Arrival/Late Departure
·         Shifts:   Open availability; day, night, and weekends;
·         RA position is available for this position (room and board)
·         Clock in/out for meals and meals are not furnished (except when working as a team leader) 
·         Counselors may be scheduled for 0- 40 hours or more per week
·         Time-and-a-half after 40 hours worked per week
The above duties reflect the general responsibilities necessary to describe the principal work functions of the job, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be in the position.

Employee is responsible for working in a safe mannerand keeping his/her workplace safe.

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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